Anavar is it REALLY Safe?

Is Anavar SAFE or NOT?

Is this orally active, anabolic steroid safe to consume or not?

What do you think? The hormone Oxandrolone is branded as Anavar and has grown terribly popular in recent times.

However, it does have certain side effects once it is used. Still, the hormone itself is fairly mild which means the side effects can easily be avoided if used properly.

is anavar safe? Sheena thinks so

The steroid is so light on side effects that even when men use it in high doses; they rarely have problems with it. However, the phrase “high doses” means different things to different people. Doses in the range of 80mg – 100mg a day can easily be tolerated while 100mg is what can be called high dosage.

A majority of anabolic steroids cannot be used by women so Anavar is a standout exception to this rule. Just like with men, Anavar is also very light on side effects when it comes to women and this is why Anavar has become indispensable in the market today.

This does not mean that females should not be cautious as there are some concerns with female use because women naturally are more sensitive to hormones than men. However, when used responsibly in low to moderate doses, the overwhelming majority of female users will be perfectly fine.

test e + anavar cycle

Dangers associated with Anavar

Oxandrolone is a derivative of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and due to this fact there are a few side effects that have always been associated with this class of anabolic steroids, including hair loss and acne. If you are genetically predisposed for hair-loss and/or acne, using Oxandrolone will likely rush the process.

If male users have male-pattern baldness in their family, then there is a good chance that using Anavar will bring this about even more.

To counter this problem, you might want to supplement with Finasteride, which is better known under its brand name, Propecia and Proscar. The downside of using these is that using the supplement may cause hormonal imbalances.

Users, who tend to break out and are sensitive to acne will in most cases, have breakouts due to Anavar use. These usually appear on the shoulders and back.

If you have not had acne in the past and are not sensitive or prone to acne breakouts, then Anavar use will probably not trigger your first bout with acne.

Still, make sure to shower more frequently and certainly after a sweaty workout or physical exercise session. You will want to change into a clean shirt and of course always have clean bed sheets as well.

Anavar is safe if you are using it the right way for short time periods, but these side effects can occur depending on your body’s sensitivity.

test e + anavar cycle

Mythical Side Effects Surrounding Anavar

If you hop online and take a look at all the steroid profiles, you are likely to find some very strong biases against Anavar.

However, if you’re an open minded individual, you will look at the research and facts, and subsequently draw your own conclusions. As a fact, Anavar causes no estrogenic side effects because this hormone doesn’t aromatize. Consequently, issues relating to estrogen are not possible.

Anavar will not cause excess water retention and it will not cause Gynecomastia.

Concerns regarding Testosterone

There is a common misconception that using Oxandrolone won’t cause the suppression of your own natural production of testosterone. However, Anavar will suppress a male’s natural testosterone production to a certain extent but not as much as other anabolic steroids will, such as Trenbolone and/or Nandrolone.

Due to this side effect, men will want to use an exogenous testosterone supplement when using Oxandrolone.

Owing to the suppression of testosterone, males will experience testicular atrophy which cannot be avoided in any way. Your testicles will inevitably los their breadth. However, this will not be permanent with the right PCT.

Once you stop using Anavar, and all steroidal hormones are completely out of your system, your normal production of testosterone will resume, and your testicles will begin to fill out again, and return to their natural size.

Safety Issues for Women

Anavar is safe for women compared to the majority of other steroids in the market. The main side effects for women using Anavar have to do with the masculinization of females.

The side effects that occur with virilization are the following:

• Deepening of the voice
• Disruption of menstrual cycle
• Enlargement of genitalia, the clitoris
• Growth of body hair
• Loss of hair or male-pattern baldness

Although these side effects are possible, most women do not need to worry about it happening to them. The average female Anavar user will only use 10mg every two days, or every day. Some may use as much as 20mg a day, but not more.

Ultimately, the safety or danger posed by Anavar is heavily influenced by your decision to use it properly.

GNC’s 5 Best Testosterone Boosters

Before we start the list, it is important for everyone to know that GNC and Walmart do sell testosterone boosters but these supplements do not contain the hormone itself. Instead, they contain certain nutritional ingredients which enhance the amount of hormones by aiding the pituitary gland.

If you intend to shop around for a while, you should take your time comparing different products and studying the ingredients used to ensure that you get the most out of these supplements. Although GNC is one of the biggest sources offering these supplements, the products vary depending on where you buy them.

Reviews for GNC’s Testosterone boosters

The boosters of testosterone typically improve the amount of the hormone in the male body. One might ask how this is possible when the boosters don’t contain the hormone itself. This is because the hormonal glands in the male body secrete testosterone and are part of the endocrine system. The pituitary and hypothalamus glands influence the quantity of the hormone in the male body.

Pituitary and the hypothalamus glands are located in the brain. While the hypothalamus gland is responsible for keeping balance or homeostasis in the body, it also senses the balance of fluids and electrolytes. Even when test levels are low, it alerts the pituitary gland which itself is responsible for maintaining the function of glands and their secretions.

For example, if the hypothalamus sends a message to the pituitary gland that testosterone levels are low, the pituitary gland, in turn, sends a signal to the testosterone in the form of luteinizing hormone with instructions to increase production of in the testes, or more specifically, in the Leydig cells, which is where the hormone is actually produced in the testicles.

As such, these three glands, even though they’re at opposite ends of the body, are closely associated with each other. Hormone levels in the body must be maintained for physical, emotional, and mental health and fitness. If one hormone is lacking, it can affect not only other hormones, but how one feels physically, emotionally and mentally.

These boosters are designed to support the function and health of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland which then helps the testes increase production of the hormone. This process a range of components: enzymes, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other actions at a molecular level. In addition to this, a number of nature’s ingredients can boost the hormone when combined with nutrients for ample health and fitness as well.

Testosterone Supplements GNC

Product lines are always changing. Supplements come and go and the same applies to GNC’s testosterone pills. A number of GNC alternative products are marketed toward men with the intent to increase muscle mass, recovery and athletic performance. A rang of products are listed on their online website at

When it is time to choose, always read the label ingredients. Products may come in capsules, tablets, powder, or other forms. When browsing for them online, make sure that you have the option to look at the label ingredients. For example, one popular testosterone booster at GNC known as Alpha testosterone says that it contains 29.6 mg of zinc and 1.92 g of a proprietary blend by the manufacturer Schredz. This one contains the following components:

  • Maca root
  • Tongkat ali
  • Spanish Pellitory
  • Fenugreek extract
  • Velvet bean extract

Another testosterone booster by GNC is designed to be used at night and contains:

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinc
  • Tribulus terrestris
  • Melatonin
  • ZMA®

However you can get a more potent version online that is the same price or cheaper if you were to buy it online from the link below, see the ingredient list right on their site.

Tribulus Terrestris GNC

Other testosterone supplements for men at GNC or Walmart contain a range of ingredients including vitamins, minerals, proprietary amino acid blends, antioxidants and a number of herbs that include Fenugreek, Tribulus terrestris, and Tongkat ali.

If you have spotted a trend here, most testosterone boosters contain many of the same ingredients but in different milligram strength, blends, and combinations. Boosters are typically designed to provide natural, safe, and effective support for pituitary gland’s health.

Always remember that every body system relies on itself. If you don’t have a healthy endocrine gland, your metabolic system may be out of order. Metabolism is needed for energy, burning calories for fuel, development of fat, and building muscle.

When shopping for pills, cream or other testosterone booster products, read the labels. Choose products that contain the nutrients that focus on providing support to the pituitary gland and if the pituitary gland is not functioning properly, you may even experience drops in testosterone.

Anavar Before and After Pictures (Shocking Transformations!)

You can find some great Before and after pictures online, with some very stunning accomplishments with Anavar only cycles. A lot of the pictures are of people who used Anavar to lower their body fat, some to get a more defined look, and others to increase muscle strength and toning. However, steroids work different on everybody, therefore not everyone who uses steroid achieves the same outcome.

Anavar Before and After

Generally, what most athletes and bodybuilders are hoping to accomplish by using steroids is to improve their muscles during the bulking cycle. They try to tone their muscle fiber, improve strength and get rid of the excess fat.

Experts are always investigating on steroid and trying to discover how it works in the human body, what is the most recommendable way to use it, what are the best doses and what are the benefits and possible side effects steroid could cause?

Given the test results from years of research, one of the most recommendable steroid for achieving most of these goals with least side effects, is Anavar. However,since steroids are starting to become more and more popular among bodybuilders and athletes, many are worried that this could lead to counterfeit drugs.

People can easily become victims to illegal dealers, that charge far higher for “special” steroids that promise to be stronger than those purchasable in shops, but never truly live up to the expectations.


Outstanding results can be achieved with Anavar

Anavar is among the top-rated and most recommended steroids available on the market for athletes and bodybuilders. The reason it is loved by many, is because it is capable of triggering the growth of the muscle mass with as few side effects as possible, making it one of the safest to use.

What makes Anavar such a light steroids is because of the fact that it only contains low androgenic and anabolic properties.

Due to this, it is safe to be used over extended periods of time, like for example up to 8- 10 week cycles without causing any, or if very little, side effects.

Anavar is favoured steroids among the female users who are hoping to get rid of some excess fat.

Here’s How Anavar Guarantees Results

Anavar possesses many useful health benefits when it is taking during training cycles. Unlike many other steroids, Anavar does not turn into hormones ones it has entered the body. This results into Anavar barely having any side effects, and if, than very mild.

The fact that it has very mild side effects, lead to us being able to use it for longer periods of time without it having any effect on our testosterone levels, unlike most steroids are famous for doing.

Before and After

Anabolic steroids are generally very bad for our liver, and the liver takes strong damage over time while using performance enhancing drugs. Anavar, however, barely affects the liver. At most it may cause stress on the liver, but actual damage is very rare ,and that is another reason why Anavar is prefered by many.

Sometimes a little bit of a risk is acceptable to achieve greatness. Consider supplementing Milk thistle to enhance your liver. All the people taking anavar (see the before and after photos above) got their enzyme levels checked out and were on point!

How to obtain the best results with Anavar

Even though women might obtain outstanding results while using Anavar on its own, men may need to use some additional anabolic steroids in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

A famous using method among men is to take 50mg of Anavar per day, for around 8 weeks, aside with the correct amount of Primobolan, T3, Equipoise, Clenbuterol, Cytomel, Trenbolone, Deca Durabolin, Dianabol or Winstrol.

Links to buy these:

  1. Clenbuterol
  2. Winstrol
  3. Trenbolone
  4. Deca Durabolin
  5. Dianabol or Dbol
  6. Anadrol

How to prevent side effects

Only very few among many users have mention that they experienced serious side effects while using Anavar. However, taking too much can lead to some of the side effects that Anavar may cause, such as for example nausea, breakouts, vomiting, muscle cramps, hair loss ( For men who are genetically affected by this), mood swings, virilization, libido changes, and larger “breasts” for men.

Another popular way of taking Anavar among bodybuilders is by taking 50mg of Anavar per day, alongside with testosterone propionate during 8 weeks, and Clomid can be used up to 11 weeks as part of PCT.

anavar before and after photo

These amounts appear to be especially good for building muscle. However, keep in mind that women can react far more sensitive to hormones than men tend to do, and therefore should take the Anavar in much smaller amounts.

We recommend to start of by taking 5mg of Anavar per day for three to four weeks, and look how this anabolic steroid works out for you. Depending on your reaction to the Anavar, you can keep adding more to the dosis during the remainder of your cycle.

More Before and After with Anavar Only

Important Anavar Side Effects You MUST Keep in Mind for Women

Even though Anavar is legal in some countries, in other it may require a prescription order to be obtained. If what you are looking for is a steroids with as little side effects as possible, then Anavar is the right choice for you.

It is rather rare for Anavar to cause side effects, and should this be the case, then they tend to be very mild. However, this is no guarantee that Anavar won’t cause any more serious side effects, but generally, as long as it is used in the appropriate amounts, than Anavar will only provide us with positive results.

Nevertheless, In the rare cases where side effect do happen with Anavar, they are mainly related to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

In this article you will find a few of the most known negative side effect Anavar could come to cause. Given the fact that Anavar is derived from DHT, the side effects tend to be very alike if not identical to those of other anabolic steroids that are derived from DHT.

Some people may suffer from acne problems, and this can get very uncomfortable. The acne usually appears on the back-area and around the shoulders, but this can also spread to the chest and even the face in more extreme cases.

When Anavar is being used, It is crucial to check beforehand that our skin is dry and clean when using Anavar. If you know that you have suffered from acne in the past or are sensitive to it, it is highly recommended to to change our shirt after perspiring , or preferably take a shower as soon as possible.

An important thing to keep in mind is that DHT can have a negative effect on our hair, meaning that it weakens our hair and can lead to excessive hair-loss. This will only happen to people who are genetically likely to suffer from hairloss, like for example men where baldness runs in the family.

It is not recommended to use DHT compounds in these cases, as this will accelerate the hair-loss process, making us lose our hair even sooner. Keep in mind that this side-effect will not affect us if we are not genetically programmed for hair-loss.

Prostate enlargement due to Anavar

There is however a more important side-effect to keep in mind when using Anavar. It is possible that the DHT can lead to prostate enlargement.

This can happen when there are big amounts of DHT present in the human body, but this is not very likely to occur. It would take very large quantities of Anavar over an extended period of time in order to make this happen.

There are however precautions that can be applied to be able to avoid this at all costs, like for example if you do have an enlarged prostate, we recommend you not to Anavar, and if for whatever reason you do get an enlarged prostate because of using Anavar. it is still not too late. Finasteride has shown to come in very handy in these rare cases. It should be taken during 6 months and will reduce or even entirely eliminate the prostate enlargement.

Side effect Anavar may cause for Women

One of the more serious side-effects that Anavar could cause for women, is virilization, also known as masculinization. The effect can vary from clitoral enlargement to voice deepening, acne and even menstrual disruption, due to anovulation.

Even though this may seem very worrying, it is highly unlikely and just like prostate enlargement, it can only occur if Anavar is used irresponsibly. Nevertheless, If symptoms do start showing up due to using too much Anavar, not all hope is lost. Most important is that you stop taking Anavar right away. By doing this the symptoms should soon start disappearing.

Anavar and Testosterone Cycle

Another rare side effect Anavar could cause, has to do with testosterone production in men. Most individuals think that Anavar wouldn’t beat Testosterone, but it most certainly can. The Anavar does however have a slight influence on the HPTA, it’s not a very strong effect, but it is enough to control it a little bit.

Both the Luteinizing hormone, and our sex hormone binding globulin, will be influenced to a point of suppressed as a outcome. This is very important to remember, because if Anavar is tane in low to middle doses only, we could avoid having to use additional testosterone supplements.

Best Anabolic Steroids to Lose Weight and Burn Fat

Even though most people may think of pumped up celebrities such as the famous Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger when anabolic steroids come to mind, these compounds can do so many great things when used accordingly, many of which are unknown to most of us.

As a matter of fact, when the right steroid is used in the right dose, we can actually manage to lose weight in the form of body fat, and this without even losing our actual muscle composition.

When can steroids be used to lose weight?

However, before thinking about using any anabolic steroids or similar methods in order to lose weight or burn fat, you should first find out what your body type is.There are lots of different types of bodies out there, and steroids can have a very different effect on each one of them, depending on how they are taken.

Keep in mind that the anabolics used by bodybuilders and athletes to lose body fat have extremely specific indications, and shall not be taken lightly. If you consider yourself overweight and you would like to get in good shape and become fit, then perhaps anabolics are not the right option for you.

We must reduce our body fat as much as possible with natural exercise and healthy diets before we think about using any artificial compounds. Being overweight can lead to causing a lot of pressure on our heart and lungs, and adding steroids to thas situation can make the usage of them close to deadly.

Anabolic Steroids for Cutting

Steroids aren’t commonly known to reduce body fat, but can indeed be used for such purposes, and can work very well if handled correctly. These steroids include compounds such as for example Winstrol, Trenbolone, and Anavar.

As mentioned previously, it is very important that the steroids are dosed in the according amounts in order to benefit from the weight loss as much as possible. It is not very likely for you to notice quick weight loss, but they can certainly help us get rid of those last few extra pounds around the waste, in order to give our muscles a more toned look.

Many bodybuilders and other athletes tend to take steroids a couple weeks prior to the competitions they are going to take part in,  in order to make their muscles appear bigger, more defined, and to make the veins pop out over the surface of the skin.

This is something you can often see on bodybuilders. Trenbolone is a frequently used type of anabolic compound among the more experienced steroid user.

What is Trenbolone? How does it work?

Before we get further into detail about why exactly Trenbolone works the way it does, you first need to understand that the human body has two types of fat, also known as adipose tissue.

One of them is the visceral adipose tissue. This tissue surrounds all the organs in our body and generally has very little effect on our body appearance.

We need this fat, and it is part of our body. The second kind of fat is known as subcutaneous adipose tissue. This fat rests just underneath the skin and has a very big impact on our general appearance.

This is what makes us overweight, and this kind of fat is very unhealthy for us. You should know that Trenbolone binds to androgen receptors, and it inhibits the lipid uptake, in other words, our body is no longer capable of adding to the subcutaneous fat stores.

For example, when we go the gym and work out, we burn subcutaneous adipose tissue, and this is what makes us look “fit”.

How to lose fat without using steroids

However, there are other options in order to get rid of excessive fat without having to use anabolic steroids to achieve this. There is a bronchodilator that is called Clenbuterol, which has stimulant and thermogenic effects.

It has many interesting characteristics, for example, it tends to give you extra energy during the day, and it also increases your general body temperature, which is great for our metabolism as it all works faster. If the appropriate dose is taken over the right period of time, we can lose up to 10 pounds of pure subcutaneous adipose tissue, also known as body fat, in one single cycle.

Keep in mind that neither of these two compounds are made of magic, but there are several options for bodybuilders and athletes to achieve the appearance they desire and get rid of the excessive fat in their bodies. Remember that both anabolic steroids and Clenbuterol are perfectly harmless, if used adequately. Here is the final list:

  1. Clenbuterol
  2. Winstrol
  3. Trenbolone
  4. Deca Durabolin
  5. Dianabol or Dbol
  6. Anadrol

Where To Buy HGH


Everything you need to know about the Human Growth hormone

There is a hormone that is known to stimulate the cellular reproduction, and growth- This hormone is known as the “Human Growth Hormone”, also known as HGH. It works on humans as well as on animals. For humans , it regulates our metabolism, our sugar levels and even regulates the growth.

The HGH hormone works alongside with collagen. Nearly 30% of our protein content in our body is made of collagen. We need this in order to keep our skin and muscles in composition. The only thing is, that as we grow older, our body will start to produce less and less HGH and collagen, and this is where we should start considering using supplements to complement our HGH levels.

How does HGH work?

Given the fact that HGH promise rejuvenating effects, the hormone HGH has not been studied profoundly enough, especially in the supplement version, as most studies are done on the injectable form.

It is however oftenly used for medicinal reasons. Doctors tend to treat young children that suffer from growth problems with this hormone. It can even be applied in cases where the patients suffer from low blood pressure, as for example diabetic patients tend to do.

Although this hormone is being used in several different cases, the general legal status of HGH remains rather unknown in most countries. The hormones are legal as long as they are prescribed by a doctor, but aside from medical use, the supplements are generally considered illegal. It is however not impossible to obtain these hormones, but most people tend to choose a synthetic, legal version of this same hormone.

Another loved feature this hormone has, which makes the hormone interesting to a large group of people, is the weight loss benefits. A study done back in the year 1990, shows that the usage of this hormone results in both weight loss and helps us gain muscle.

However, today this study is still being discussed by professionals, but even so, the study results seem to uphold, given the many positive feedbacks in reference to usage of the hormone.

A recent study in 2012 shows similar results, and propose that the supplements could indeed help our natural production of HGH, which therefore gives the patients a much more comfortable alternative, in comparison to injecting the hormone straight into our body.

Some interesting facts

The studies show that there are several major benefits when using the HGH supplements. Some of these are for example the thickening of the skin, and the elasticity it adds to the skin, keeping it tight and preventing it from stretching.

Another great benefit is that it’s tends to improve the muscle mass, and even increases the density of the bones. It improves our exercise capacity, giving us more energy, and HGH can do so much more.

One of the benefits of HGH is that it will help stimulate the growth of the body during our puberty years, and besides this, it also comes with a countless amount of health benefits, for people of all ages.

It can increase our immune system, make our bones stronger and as mentioned previously, even improve our muscle mass . The older we grow, the less HGH is produced by our bodies, as it will no longer need this hormone for growing purposes. Even so, when the body no longer receives the same amount of HGH, this can lead to health issues. This is due to the fact that our body no longer has the protection layer against certain diseases that HGH provided us with.

Specifically for these great health benefits, HGH supplement have been produced by industry-experts. Today, they are known as one of the most popular supplements available in the market, and it keeps gaining more and more support from many health-specialists worldwide.

If you would like to try these supplement but are not sure where you can purchase them, we will explain this throughout in this article.

Where and How to Buy HGH

Most people agree that the best way to purchase HGH, is buying these online. Aside from this, there are many pharmacies that sell different kinds of over-the-counter HGH.However, most of these do require a prescription and are not made to be used as supplements.

Therefore, online purchase is the better option is this case. Websites offering HGH supplements tend to have a wide range of product to choose from, going from sprays to pills, and much more. On top of that, online purchase will deliver the supplements right to your doorstep, saving you a trip into town.

Another great feature about purchasing your supplements online, is that plenty of websites offer all kinds of promotions and discounts, giving you the possibility to compare prices, and order the supplements that best fit your personal needs, for the best price available.

You also have the option to do an online search on the product you’re about to order, giving you access to endless reviews, opinions and descriptions of the product.

Adding Testosterone to Your Anavar Cycle


The Anavar Test cycle along with Oxandrolone is the most popular today. Best results are obtained from being cycled together rather than standalone usage. One of the crucial factors involving Anavar is its stacking. A special cycle contains simply one steroid while a number of cycles improve the outcome by a decent margin.

test e + anavar cycle

Anavar can be bought legally online without a prescription here.

Anavar Test-E Stacks

Stacking this steroid has been a source of great debate. People are becoming more aware of its benefits and now wish to capitalize on their physical appearance by stacking Anavar with other supplements.

The reason why Anavar is one of the most steeply priced steroids is also a source of interest for many since most people don’t want to spend a fortune on something that is just a regular steroid. As a result, their curiosity about the steroid’s nature, benefits and limitations is pretty understandable.

Here are a few examples for stacking Anavar with testosterone pills to attain the best possible outcomes.

Off season Stacking with Testosterone

The Oxandrolone hormones does little good to men during their off season cycles. It is proven not to be a sufficiently powerful promoter of body mass and outcomes are more or less poor as a result.

Before spending a ton of money on the steroid, there are a few other options to consider as well. Since we don’t advise men to use Anavar during their off seasons, stacking examples haven’t been provided here.

Cutting Cycle and Stacking Anavar

The Oxandrolone hormone is definitely effective in boosting male performance during the cutting cycles . Anavar is an extremely powerful steroid for men during this phase. Stacking testosterone and Anavar during the cycle ensures optimum results for athletes and bodybuilders by helping them retain body mass and energy even while dieting. Oxandrolone is a DHT derivative so it boosts leaner bodies during this cycle.

Using Anavar without supplements or stacks is not the best option to go with. Oxandrolone restricts the production of testosterone but not so much when compared with other steroids.

A few examples of Anavar dosages ranging from moderate, intermediate and advanced are offered. It is important to understand that you can’t just dive into the advanced level because the side effects can be disastrous if you aren’t careful.

 Test E Cycle Usage of Anavar

Level 1
WK 1-12 Testosterone-Propionate 100mg/eod
WK 5-12 Anavar 50mg/ed

Level 2
WK 1-8 Equipoise 400mg/wk
WK 1-8 Testosterone-Enanthate 500mg/wk
WK 9-16 Testosterone-Propionate 100mg/eod
WK 9-16 Anavar 50mg/ed
WK 9-16 Trenbolone-Acetate 50mg/eod

Level 3
WK 1-8 Equipoise 200mg/eod
WK 1-8 Testosterone-Enanthate 250mg/eod
WK 9-16 Testosterone-Propionate 200mg/eod
WK 9-16 Anavar 80mg/ed
WK 9-16 Trenbolone-Acetate 100mg/eod
WK 1-16 HGH 4iu/ed

Stacking Anavar for women

The Anavar Test Cycle is not only common amongst men but also for women. Anavar is perhaps the safest steroid for women since Oxandrolone can easily be tolerated by females than males.

Women can also easily supplement with Anavar to get the best quality boost in mass during the off season. This is especially true for women who are highly sensitive to the hormone.

As long as people use it for the cutting or bulking cycle, they will get great results if used with healthy food and organized training. We have offered four examples for athletes who are on a healthy diet and wish for even more advanced stacking with Anavar.

Level 1
WK 1-6 Anavar 10mg/ed

Level 2
WK 1-4 Primobolan Depot 100mg/wk
WK 1-8 Anavar 10mg/ed

Level 3
WK 1-4 Primobolan Depot 100mg/wk
WK 1-6 Anavar 10mg/ed
WK 7-9 Primobolan Depot 100mg/wk
WK 10-15 Anavar 10mg/ed
WK 14-15 Nolvadex 10mg/ed

Level 4
WK 1-4 Primobolan Depot 125mg/wk
WK 1-6 Winstrol 10mg/eod
WK 7-9 Primobolan Depot 125mg/wk
WK 10-15 Anavar 15mg/ed
WK 14-15 Nolvadex 10mg/ed
WK 1-15 HGH 2iu/ed

Final verdict on Anavar Test Cycle

With the aforementioned examples for advanced dosages, we are now concluding the article. A balanced combination can yield the most rewarding results.

However, everyone should understand that there are side effects, just like there are side effects for consuming another steroid. Read these articles before fishing your pocket for your wallet to get the most out of your purchase.

More stacks with Anavar have also been posted on the website and you can find the best stack for yourself easily. A good general rule is to always start with small dosage amounts for the Anavar testosterone cycle and not jump right into the advanced cycle until you gain sufficient experience.

Anavar is it Legal or Illegal in the United States?

Anavar: Legal or Illegal in the United States?

There has been an interesting exchange of opinions and speculation regarding the legality of Anavar in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

In the USA, Anavar is a controlled steroid that cannot be bought in the absence of a doctor’s prescription. On the other hand, there are numerous websites where you can buy this chemical from pharmacies abroad. This method does seem rather costly and you might end up getting a fake drug so this is not advisable.

Supplements similar to Anavar can be purchased without worrying about breaking the law. You can shop them from here.

anavar legal

Legality of Anavar

Anavar is an anabolic-androgenic steroid that was created based on the anabolic qualities of Oxandrolone minus its side effects. Oxandrolone is commonly known as its brand name Anavar.

The anabolic effects of the steroid are relatively moderate while androgenic effects are usually mild and results aren’t nearly as impressive. Still, the effects help preserve and build muscle tissue and while the gain in size may not be largely noticeable, they help lean muscle to develop fairly fast.

As per law in the USA, Anavar is illegal to possess, use or redistribute without a license or proper authorization. Lots of criminals have been apprehended for using the chemical without prescription from underground labs and although they aren’t always prosecuted, the law should be kept in mind.

Medical background

People who want to have a muscular and more defined physical appearance often find themselves wanting Anavar. The chemical reduces the amount of fat, builds muscle and preserves new muscle for the long-term.

The chemical Oxandrolone is made up of a molecular structure that minimizes the amount of water retention. This means that the water does not accumulate between muscle fibers, mitigating any risk of bloating.

Results reveal muscles that do not have much fat. While the mass size does not vastly increase, the gain does create solid muscle that ought to last a while. Oxandrolone is also much safer than other steroids; side effects like gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, breakouts, high blood pressure, and heart and liver damage are very rare. Find the best Anavar to build body muscle with here.

Should you use Anavar?

Anavar is an orally active steroid that is androgenic in nature which means results aren’t going to be too impressive all the time for men. However, women can easily use Anavar on off season cycles and see great results because their bodies respond better to it. As a result, the steroid is a preferred mode of seeing epic results for female athletes or physically active women.

The Oxandrolone hormone maintains your strength and mass and offers you enough energy to support your physical movement and exertion. The hormone also boosts body metabolism which leave the body firm, toned and rock solid.

Help for male bodybuilders

Off season cycles don’t bear much fruit with Anavar for men. However, men can still supplement the steroid with their off-season period for leaner muscle despite not gaining much.

Even so, Anavar would need to be consumed in bulk for noticeable results, making this a costly investment. As such, men would benefit the most by using the steroid during the cutting cycle. Regardless, the benefits of Anavar for men can’t be hidden and these are quite visible all around.

 Where to buy Anavar?

Underground (UG) is created by underground labs without proper authorization while Human Grade (HG) Anavar is offered by reputable pharmacies. For obvious reasons, HG is far more costly in comparison.

This is because UG labs often do not have the resources to produce authentic products and the anabolic steroids are often fake and hazardous to your health. Often times, sugar pills or Dianabol are disguised as small capsules of the steroid. Consider our link below for a safe reliable vendor for anavar here.

Things to know before ordering

Before you dip your hands in your pockets to fish for your wallet, you should first understand that buying Anavar is an expensive investment. Since men need more quantities of the steroid than women, they will arguably be spending a lot more for the same results. Additionally, while Anavar is great for female weight conditioning and athletes, it doesn’t do the same justice for men.

Knowing that you will derive the maximum benefit from the pill is a good note to keep in the back of your head as well. Even pharmacies in off-shore countries produce counterfeit steroids because the profits they earn from this business are sky-high.

Finding a credible pharmaceutical company involves a fair bit of time investment as well. Still, you are more likely to find a fake pill in your hand from UG labs rather than an established company that is authorized to sell the steroid.

Once you do find a great pharmacy, you should know that even when you get a legitimate pill of Anavar, you will have paid a massive price for it. Women should use no more than 10mg a day while most men will use about 50mg-80mg every day.

Cost of the steroid usually ranges between $2 to $5 per 10mg tab which is why buying legal Anavar can easily become a somewhat pricey investment.

Top Nootropics To Increase Your IQ Quickly

What are they? A Quick Primer
Nootropics or “smart pills” are supplements with cognitive enhancing properties that improve one or more aspects of brain health function such as memory, alertness, motivation, concentration and mood.

These brain enhancing supplements are on the rise among several age and profile groups, from college students to corporate professionals looking to achieve a higher performance and improve cognitive functions. These supplements are the only safe, effective way to enhance brain function for the long term.

#1 MaxSynapse 
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It has a Free trial and is made in the USA. It is widely regarded as the best supplement for the brain and a powerful nootropic.  It helps enhance focus and concentration. Providers sharper recall for Short-term and Long-term Memory. Helps with Mood Stability and helps you maintain healthy Brain Function for the young or elderly. Click here to learn more.

#2 NooCube  

NooCube is a daily brain boosting supplement designed to enhance brain function by supporting focus, mental speed and memory. Its natural formula was developed by top neuroscientists combining the most powerful nootropics. This cognition enhancer supports focus, mental speed and memory. To learn more click here. It is made in the USA in a GMP certified lab and is very safe.

#3 Lumonol 

This mind enhancer is engineered to elevate overall cognitive performance, Lumonol upgrades your Memory, Focus, Processing Speed and overall Brain Functions. Featuring Noopept at its core – the world’s most effective nootropic with powerful brain enhancing properties. It is considered a new nootropic supplement but is gaining popularity quickly in professional circles, click here to try it.

Are You Really Vitamin D deficient?

Could we have gotten it all wrong on Vitamin D3?

There are many vitamins, some fat soluble and others water soluble. One that no governing health body can agree on is the dosage recommended for Vitamin D. Vitamin D3 to be exact. The folks in functional health claim upwards of 10,000 IU per day is tolerable and one should generally consume 5,000 IU’s a day.

The “medical doctors” claim that 1,000 IU out to be enough and its not enough if the government has stated a slightly higher dosage is recommended if you are above the equator.

By many calculations it may seem as if 70% of the world is deficient in Vitamin D based on blood levels from tests, but where are the side effects being exerted by these patients as commonly stated if one is deficient?

Why are the folks in Africa suffering from bone issues of any kind and yet still be seen as deficient?

Could one reason be perhaps your body becomes efficient at utilizing Vitamin D and thus the free flow of Vitamin D in blood may show up as deficient?

One can look at the above argument and say the minimal viable dose is for prevention of a disease but not for optimal levels, but can rarely back that jumping from 1,000 IUs daily to 5k is the optimal dose, where is the science that makes this case?

Of Course we can take slightly higher amounts of Vitamin C from the recommended 500mg to 1g a day, its water soluble, and can boost immunity, sure, why not? We are helping curb scurvy for christ sakes and boosting our immunity, so where’s the crime?

Vitamin D doesn’t behave this way, it is fat soluble, and it behaves like a hormone than a vitamin, so excessive dosing of Vitamin D is not as simple as just taking Vitamin C, the problem is much more complicated. Additionally there are three Vitamin D’s, D2 is not produced in the body and comes from plants and D3 is found in cold water fish.

The Long Final Summary

Look we are all for taking vitamins and taking extra vitamins for being in flow state or whatever optimal state you strive to be in, but generally if you are not suffering from a calcium balance related problem such as Osteoporosis, taking it for anti-cancer purposes (along with Vitamin C injections), blood pressure regulation etc, think twice about going way above the recommended dose.

Additionally you have to make sure the quality of this Vitamin D is correct as well, anything sold by “NOW” brands can be written off without a second thought. Quality vendors such as AOR + Throne Research are to be considered for serious nutritional supplementation.

Overdosing Vitamin D will get stored in fatty tissues and cause problems such as constipation, fatigue, hypertension, hypercalciuria, hypercalcemia among many more. Get tested to see if your actually running low, Vitamin D goes through hydroxylation and is the most bioavailable in the 25 (OH) form.

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