Anavar for Sale Online – WARNING signs to look for

The issue with buying Anavar online stems from one major criteria, which is price. It is one of the more expensive steroids in the market and can you sticker shock.

The reason Anavar is expensive also stems from massive demand online, it is a mild steroid used for cutting mostly. It is also used by women for bulking purposes as it has no chances of virilization.

Men generally that want to go this route must buy more as the physiology is different and they require a bigger dose, usually above 10mg that women require.

For women that want to cycle anavar, it really is the best route to go. But for men, this may not be the case as stated above.

If you are happy with the price and want to buy it legally online, you can get it without a prescription here. Otherwise, if you are a guy you may want to try a “more potent, bang for your buck” anabolic.

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Anavar For Sale Online

Anavar is better known as Oxandrolone which is a steroid derived from DHT with highly anabolic capability.

Generally Anavar is a milder steroid compared because of its lower androgenic attributes. Men seeking to bulk will have a harder time bulking with it, as it just is not potent enough.

Anavar seems to be great for off-season cycling as it can help maintain hard earned muscle mass that may have derived from other more powerful anabolic cycles including steroids like Winstrol or Dianabol.

Anavar helps you keep the water weight off and keep more of lean muscle tissue as it is known not to aromatize. The second thing it does provide you with strength to keep lifting.

However as stated earlier, do not use it primarily as a way of bulking up if you are a guy as it will require massive amounts of this anabolic, upwards of 40mg for it be effective for you. However you may consider the following Anavar stack below if you want to bulk up quickly.

Supplementation with Anavar while Cutting

Oxandrolone proves to be very effective for cutting for men.

Generally those finishing a steroid cycle will struggle to remain strong or keep their mass as they may not have a proper PCT. With Anavar as a PCT you will be able to retain strength and size easily.

While dieting anavar will work to keep your endurance levels high so you can keep training while your body adopts to naturally keeping your testosterone levels high.

Anavar has a added benefit of increasing metabolism in your body so you will get shredded easily as that means it will be burning off fat for energy.

The end result is a shredded lean you with a harder and more toned looking body from using a mild steroid agent, which is why Anavar is so popular.

To learn more about how to stack and cycle Anavar into your regimen, click below to see a well designed schedule:

How Women Can Order Anavar Pills Online

Women can greatly benefit from anavar as it will provide everything needed for them to build only lean muscle mass without taking on any excessive virilization risks.

Men can benefit from Anavar but not for bulking up, but for using between bulking cycles to retain their lean muscle mass.

Anavar is actively used not just by women seeking to compete in bodybuilding competitions but by many active athletes seeking to be stronger and more competitive in various sports.

Women tend to use Anavar off season to maintain their gains especially during a cutting cycle. The benefit arises for women mostly because the cost tends to be much lower for them per pill then for men.

Which Type of Anavar to Buy Online

There are two avenues for you when attempting to purchase Anavar online, one is you can get a prescription from your doctor. The second involves going to a underground lab.

The pharmaceutical brand will always cost more, and the UG or underground lab will cost less. The best thing to do is keep safety in mind and that is why we recommend going for a known alternative which can be bought here, which is legal and just as potent.

Regardless of if the steroid is produced UG or HG it still costs a lot so make sure if you supplement on it, you stick to a stringent diet and workout regimen.

Be aware that there are many bogus companies selling products online and they are scams. Most are under-dosed, not shipped, or just a different anabolic all together without any Oxandrolone.

Guide to Avoiding Fake Anavar

As Oxandrolone is quite popular there are many vendors online that claim to sell the real thing, however most of these are counterfeit.

This is especially hard to believe given that you are buying from a UG online and that you may be paying a fortune for it. Usually you do get the right product with very little amounts of the hormone Oxandrolone tablet in it.

Many times we have witnessed UG labs including dianabol as part of Anavar tablet as Dianabol is sold to a bigger market online and thus the powder in bulk, can be quite cheap to include in other anabolics.

For the reasons stated above the chances of you obtaining a fake online are high, also it may not be as detrimental to men but women can face major issues such as virilization if purchased from the wrong source.

While you are it, check out some before and after photos of those that cut realistically through Anavar:

Before and After Anavar Men

How Much Does Anavar Cost Online?

There are many underground pharmacies or labs that too can be less than honest online and not sell you the real thing, and because of this the cost could be lower.

Anavar generally does cost quite a bit especially if it is real as it is always in demand online. Most men require about 50mg daily which should set them back about $2 – $5 per pill. If each pill is $2 and 5 are needed to get to 50mg, it would cost $10 a day, quite a bit!

Women require about 10mg only a daily, and at that rate it makes the perfect substitute for women who are cutting or looking to gain a bit of lean muscle mass. You may use our source below if you can’t find a reliable or trusted place to buy it online.

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