Why Anavar is Perfect for Women

Anavar is for women, as Dianabol is for men. Women generally tend to supplement Anavar as the steroid of choice as it is much more effective for their biology.

Anavar is considered to be the official steroid for female athletes in some circles. It is this popularity that make it the most popular steroid for women with the least side effects. Click here to buy the Anavar in its legal form online, without the need of a prescription.

Why Anavar is for Women

Many steroids are can be detrimental to a woman’s body because of the strong side effects they may cause.

The common side effects from steroid supplementation in women is quite the obvious one, which is the development of male features.

These side effects could ruin a woman’s appearance. That is why, unlike other steroids in the market, anavar remains to be the most popular choice as it remains to be a mild hormone with relatively low side effects.

The occurrence of virilization when used by women is very low and that is why it is recommended by many. Here are the things that anavar does when you cycle it:

You can expect to put on muscle, but not bulky muscle, but lean muscle that will make you grow strong. Make sure not to overdo it and stick to the right regimen and to take the right dose.

When followed correctly, you can expect to have a lean physique. Anavar is generally used by women for cutting and during weight loss.

Before and After Results for Females

Like any steroid, anavar will help you retain lean muscle tissue when on a diet. It also helps to keep you strong when you are shedding excess fat.

Generally after a bulking cycle, in the cutting phase, a big chunk of gains are also lost. To retain these gains while shedding fat, you can supplement Oxandrolone (or Anavar) and keep more muscle mass.

This also helps with another task, which is muscle increases your metabolism and causes you to burn fat, which in turn will get you in shape even faster.

Depending on your diet you may get a lean and fit physique in a matter of 6 weeks during the cutting phase with the help of Oxandrolone.

Diet tends to matter less when on this steroid, however it is advisable not to eat junk while on the cutting phase even though you have the support of this anabolic steroid.

You can learn more about the best stacks to cut with by clicking the image below:

Anavar For Women Reviews by Others

The main reason women start cycling anavar is to gain lean muscle. The effects work best for women and not men because it is one of the milder steroids.

Men generally tend to go for Dianabol or similar steroids to get the same results as women do from this drug. It is not impossible, men could supplement a bigger dose however it may not be as cost effective as perhaps taking another drug.

Women can be more sensitive to changes in hormones and thus a lower dose, less potent anabolic like Anavar works wonders in packing on lean muscle mass.

Women gain much more per mg of Anavar than men. During the dieting phase it is good to supplement it as it will help you retain your gains.

As women generally struggle to lose body fat much more than men Anavar proves to be excellent when in the off season you need to lose subcutaneous fat. It helps you keep harder looking muscle and keep your gains while burning off fat during fasting

Anavar is mild, has a good safety record, and provides athletes with a more muscular tone which is good not just for bodybuilding but more other sports or general health as well.

Anavar Cycling and Dosages for Women

There are many cycles and stacks you can attempt with Anavar. It is advisable that you start with a minimal amount of steroids with a low dose to see how your body reacts and to continue from there.

Sometimes Anavar in and of itself is enough and there is no need to stack other supplements or hormones with it.

A cycle for a young lady would look like the below:

Week Anavar Clen PCT
1 10mg/day 20mcg
2 10mg/day 40mcg
3 10mg/day 40mcg
4 10mg/day 60mcg
5 10mg/day 60mcg 10mg
6 10mg/day 80mcg 10mg
7 10mg/day 80mcg 10mg
8 10mg/day 100mcg 10mg

Some options for PCT could be the drug nolvadex which will help with side effects if any. Some things to note: You need to eat a lot more to help your body build muscle, that means eating many more calories.

You may additionally add HGH to supplement this stack at a dose of 1 to 2 iu daily which will help with gains.

Optimal Cycle Length

Many women opt to go for a mild dose of 10mg a day which is more than sufficient for maintaining and building lean muscle mass.

Few women go over the daily recommended dosage at 20mg which is generally not well tolerated by many but if you are a bigger women it may be ideal for you.

Start at 10mg and work your way up if you do not see results after 2 weeks of cycling. There is no point in risking it and doing a “loading dose”.

If you start to notice any side effects we recommend that you stop supplementing it immediately. You may need to start PCT right away, or consult a doctor. Generally if the recommended dose is followed you shouldn’t have any problems.

Anavar Side Effects in Women

Though side effects are rare on anavar when proper PCT and cycling is undertaken, they do occur as they would with any androgenic steroids.

Many times a side effect is listed but it does not mean it will necessarily occur in you as everyone’s biology is different.

The main things to keep in mind is, follow the optimal dosage, make sure the drug is real, and that you stop use if there is any discomfort. The most common side effect is virilization which is the appearance of male sex organs and body hair.

Make sure not to go for extended lengths of time when supplementing anavar and that you take weeks off between your cycles.

When followed correctly you can cut unlike ever before, check out this before and after photo of Sheena below:

Stacking Anavar for Women

The purpose of stacking anavar with other anabolics is to increase the efficacy of Anavar and to mitigate any side effects.

Wondering what the best supplements or steroids may work wonders with Anavar? Many others tend to add other anabolics in their bulking phase, but this is mostly for men.

Generally men will benefit greatly with this when cutting to maintain lean body mass, or females it is good overall for building and cutting muscle depending on dosage.

Many women chose to keep anavar as the only steroid that they need, or have ever used. It is typically also one of the first steroids women use before learning about other anabolics and starting to build their own stack.


Our Final Word

Give Anavar a shot if you haven’t if you are a women looking for lean muscle mass for bulking or cutting. If you are a guy it will work great in the cutting phase for you as well. Consider stacking it Clenbuterol and Winstrol if you are starting a new cycle for maximizing your gains. You may use our links above to find legal sources to obtain these.



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