Important Anavar Side Effects You MUST Keep in Mind for Women

Even though Anavar is legal in some countries, in other it may require a prescription order to be obtained. If what you are looking for is a steroids with as little side effects as possible, then Anavar is the right choice for you.

It is rather rare for Anavar to cause side effects, and should this be the case, then they tend to be very mild. However, this is no guarantee that Anavar won’t cause any more serious side effects, but generally, as long as it is used in the appropriate amounts, than Anavar will only provide us with positive results.

Nevertheless, In the rare cases where side effect do happen with Anavar, they are mainly related to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

In this article you will find a few of the most known negative side effect Anavar could come to cause. Given the fact that Anavar is derived from DHT, the side effects tend to be very alike if not identical to those of other anabolic steroids that are derived from DHT.

Some people may suffer from acne problems, and this can get very uncomfortable. The acne usually appears on the back-area and around the shoulders, but this can also spread to the chest and even the face in more extreme cases.

When Anavar is being used, It is crucial to check beforehand that our skin is dry and clean when using Anavar. If you know that you have suffered from acne in the past or are sensitive to it, it is highly recommended to to change our shirt after perspiring , or preferably take a shower as soon as possible.

An important thing to keep in mind is that DHT can have a negative effect on our hair, meaning that it weakens our hair and can lead to excessive hair-loss. This will only happen to people who are genetically likely to suffer from hairloss, like for example men where baldness runs in the family.

It is not recommended to use DHT compounds in these cases, as this will accelerate the hair-loss process, making us lose our hair even sooner. Keep in mind that this side-effect will not affect us if we are not genetically programmed for hair-loss.

Prostate enlargement due to Anavar

There is however a more important side-effect to keep in mind when using Anavar. It is possible that the DHT can lead to prostate enlargement.

This can happen when there are big amounts of DHT present in the human body, but this is not very likely to occur. It would take very large quantities of Anavar over an extended period of time in order to make this happen.

There are however precautions that can be applied to be able to avoid this at all costs, like for example if you do have an enlarged prostate, we recommend you not to Anavar, and if for whatever reason you do get an enlarged prostate because of using Anavar. it is still not too late. Finasteride has shown to come in very handy in these rare cases. It should be taken during 6 months and will reduce or even entirely eliminate the prostate enlargement.

Side effect Anavar may cause for Women

One of the more serious side-effects that Anavar could cause for women, is virilization, also known as masculinization. The effect can vary from clitoral enlargement to voice deepening, acne and even menstrual disruption, due to anovulation.

Even though this may seem very worrying, it is highly unlikely and just like prostate enlargement, it can only occur if Anavar is used irresponsibly. Nevertheless, If symptoms do start showing up due to using too much Anavar, not all hope is lost. Most important is that you stop taking Anavar right away. By doing this the symptoms should soon start disappearing.

Anavar and Testosterone Cycle

Another rare side effect Anavar could cause, has to do with testosterone production in men. Most individuals think that Anavar wouldn’t beat Testosterone, but it most certainly can. The Anavar does however have a slight influence on the HPTA, it’s not a very strong effect, but it is enough to control it a little bit.

Both the Luteinizing hormone, and our sex hormone binding globulin, will be influenced to a point of suppressed as a outcome. This is very important to remember, because if Anavar is tane in low to middle doses only, we could avoid having to use additional testosterone supplements.

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