Anavar for Sale Online – WARNING signs to look for

The issue with buying Anavar online stems from one major criteria, which is price. It is one of the more expensive steroids in the market and can you sticker shock.

The reason Anavar is expensive also stems from massive demand online, it is a mild steroid used for cutting mostly. It is also used by women for bulking purposes as it has no chances of virilization.

Men generally that want to go this route must buy more as the physiology is different and they require a bigger dose, usually above 10mg that women require.

For women that want to cycle anavar, it really is the best route to go. But for men, this may not be the case as stated above.

If you are happy with the price and want to buy it legally online, you can get it without a prescription here. Otherwise, if you are a guy you may want to try a “more potent, bang for your buck” anabolic.

anavar post cycle therapy

Anavar For Sale Online

Anavar is better known as Oxandrolone which is a steroid derived from DHT with highly anabolic capability.

Generally Anavar is a milder steroid compared because of its lower androgenic attributes. Men seeking to bulk will have a harder time bulking with it, as it just is not potent enough.

Anavar seems to be great for off-season cycling as it can help maintain hard earned muscle mass that may have derived from other more powerful anabolic cycles including steroids like Winstrol or Dianabol.

Anavar helps you keep the water weight off and keep more of lean muscle tissue as it is known not to aromatize. The second thing it does provide you with strength to keep lifting.

However as stated earlier, do not use it primarily as a way of bulking up if you are a guy as it will require massive amounts of this anabolic, upwards of 40mg for it be effective for you. However you may consider the following Anavar stack below if you want to bulk up quickly.

Supplementation with Anavar while Cutting

Oxandrolone proves to be very effective for cutting for men.

Generally those finishing a steroid cycle will struggle to remain strong or keep their mass as they may not have a proper PCT. With Anavar as a PCT you will be able to retain strength and size easily.

While dieting anavar will work to keep your endurance levels high so you can keep training while your body adopts to naturally keeping your testosterone levels high.

Anavar has a added benefit of increasing metabolism in your body so you will get shredded easily as that means it will be burning off fat for energy.

The end result is a shredded lean you with a harder and more toned looking body from using a mild steroid agent, which is why Anavar is so popular.

To learn more about how to stack and cycle Anavar into your regimen, click below to see a well designed schedule:

How Women Can Order Anavar Pills Online

Women can greatly benefit from anavar as it will provide everything needed for them to build only lean muscle mass without taking on any excessive virilization risks.

Men can benefit from Anavar but not for bulking up, but for using between bulking cycles to retain their lean muscle mass.

Anavar is actively used not just by women seeking to compete in bodybuilding competitions but by many active athletes seeking to be stronger and more competitive in various sports.

Women tend to use Anavar off season to maintain their gains especially during a cutting cycle. The benefit arises for women mostly because the cost tends to be much lower for them per pill then for men.

Which Type of Anavar to Buy Online

There are two avenues for you when attempting to purchase Anavar online, one is you can get a prescription from your doctor. The second involves going to a underground lab.

The pharmaceutical brand will always cost more, and the UG or underground lab will cost less. The best thing to do is keep safety in mind and that is why we recommend going for a known alternative which can be bought here, which is legal and just as potent.

Regardless of if the steroid is produced UG or HG it still costs a lot so make sure if you supplement on it, you stick to a stringent diet and workout regimen.

Be aware that there are many bogus companies selling products online and they are scams. Most are under-dosed, not shipped, or just a different anabolic all together without any Oxandrolone.

Guide to Avoiding Fake Anavar

As Oxandrolone is quite popular there are many vendors online that claim to sell the real thing, however most of these are counterfeit.

This is especially hard to believe given that you are buying from a UG online and that you may be paying a fortune for it. Usually you do get the right product with very little amounts of the hormone Oxandrolone tablet in it.

Many times we have witnessed UG labs including dianabol as part of Anavar tablet as Dianabol is sold to a bigger market online and thus the powder in bulk, can be quite cheap to include in other anabolics.

For the reasons stated above the chances of you obtaining a fake online are high, also it may not be as detrimental to men but women can face major issues such as virilization if purchased from the wrong source.

While you are it, check out some before and after photos of those that cut realistically through Anavar:

Before and After Anavar Men

How Much Does Anavar Cost Online?

There are many underground pharmacies or labs that too can be less than honest online and not sell you the real thing, and because of this the cost could be lower.

Anavar generally does cost quite a bit especially if it is real as it is always in demand online. Most men require about 50mg daily which should set them back about $2 – $5 per pill. If each pill is $2 and 5 are needed to get to 50mg, it would cost $10 a day, quite a bit!

Women require about 10mg only a daily, and at that rate it makes the perfect substitute for women who are cutting or looking to gain a bit of lean muscle mass. You may use our source below if you can’t find a reliable or trusted place to buy it online.

shop anavar online

How to do a PROPER Anavar PCT

Anyone that has ever supplemented with anabolic steroids such as Anavar knows that a proper PCT or Post-Cycle Therapy is critical in maintaining your hard ‘earned gains’ and to mitigate side effects.

Anavar like other steroids requires a user to go through a series of steps after supplementation or cutting phase is ending to get the body to “take over” its natural routine.

This is very true for steroids such as Test-E which increases exogenous testosterone in the system informing your body that it need not produce much more on it’s own. So do you need a Anavar PCT after you take this cutting agent?

If you have not done so already, you may purchase the legal version of anavar here without a prescription or questions asked.

Guide to Anavar PCT

Anavar is a great cutting agent that is mild in use, it does not necessarily need to be stacked with other agents as it functions well as a androgenic steroid on its own right.

Many people however do chose to stack it with other agents such as Deca, D-ball, HGH and testosterone and even Tren. Don’t worry if you don’t know what these are, and that might even be for the better as generally Anavar functions great on it’s own.

If anavar’s dosage is increased upwards to 40mg a day it can be used quite effectively to bulk as well, more for women but for men too. However generally a 10mg dose is a good starting point for many and most people need not go above it.

Those that use up to 40mg a day can notice significant results in a duration of less than 2 weeks. It does this without retaining too much water weight as is the case with Dianabol.

PCT is Necessary with Anavar

With a heavy cycle (that lasts over 6 weeks) it is almost always critical to have a post cycle therapy planned out to avoid any side effects. Since Anavar is usually taken for shorter lengths, at about 6 weeks many claim no cycle it needed, especially because it is a mild steroid.

Nolvadex and Clomid are the most popular drugs that are added to a PCT. Anavar or Oxandrolone doesn’t aromatize and convert into estrogen unlike Test-E. It generally does not prohibit the natural production of testosterone, making it less suppressive and safer in general.

When users take more than 20mg, which is 10mg more than the usual amount to speed up their fat loss or bulking goals, testosterone conversion may start to occur.

Usually HPTA is restored back to normal with PCT, HCG is not usually required if you are supplementing Anavar at the correct dosage. You may consider Nolvadex for a short duration ‘as a good measure’ for the last few days of your cutting cycle.

Again if you go over the recommended daily dosage for Anavar consider following our PCT regimen. It may protect you against low-T and liver toxicity (milk thistle can be used).

To see what a anavar cycle should look like, check the link below for a anavar stack:

Does Anavar Suppress HPTA?

Many studies have been conducted and they conclude that Anavar only moderately interferes with the body’s natural ability to produce free flowing testosterone. It can mildly also affect libido and symptoms of lethargy as well based on dose.

Generally when Anavar is used solo, Clomid or other PCT drugs are not needed because testosterone suppression had never really taken place and your body can pick up “the slack”.  The fact that anavar does not convert into estrogen means as a guy you may not need nolvadex to prohibit gyno.

When anavar is stacked with many other drugs, it can then possibly require that you follow a PCT regimen. This means if you had taken Dianabol and then stacked it with anavar, you will need to follow a Nolva+Clomid PCT.

Generally maintaining proper levels of testosterone in the blood is not a problem when on Anavar as reported by many bodybuilders.

Anavar Cycling and Protecting Liver Function

Anavar is designed in such a way that it can pass through your liver without having its structural integrity altered, making it a 17-alpha-alkylated steroid hormone.

Generally bodybuilders have supplemented and relied heavily on milk thistle to protect the liver, along with regular folks who want to maintain a healthy liver. Luckily though, it is not required that you even need Milk thistle with the use of Anavar.

Anavar does add mild stress to your liver, but so do over the counter drugs like Tylenol. Overall, Anavar remains very well-tolerated and does not cause any liver damage aside from slightly elevated liver enzymes if supplemented for too long or at heavy doses.

Since Anavar can survive going through the liver, and as a 17aa compound, it does not fully always get utilized by the body. You may literally be urinating away 30% of it. This should not be a big concern as many drugs are like this, and Anavar as a low hepatotoxic drug still makes it very powerful tool for those looking to improve their physique.

Anavar Is Perfect to use Between Cycles

anavar post cycle therapy

Anavar makes for a great bridge steroid to be used between cycles because it is mild and lacks any major side effects. The reviews on this however vary drastically.

The main reason this is a good idea is because you would be giving a more potent cycle a break one that may involve Winstrol or other steroids. At the same time, stopping outright may trigger your gains to be lost, with a very mild steroid like Anavar, natural testosterone levels will not be suppressed and you have a higher chance of keeping your physique.

Though coming back to an important point is that, the point of a PCT is to give your body time to recover and start adjusting to the new mass without the use of exogenous steroids. In that case, a bridge testosterone as a means of maintaining gains is not a good idea.

Even though Anavar is one of the safer choices, we have to understand that a very mild case of liver toxicity, cholesterol balances, and testosterone suppression do indeed take place. This is especially true when Anavar is supplemented for over the course of 6 weeks.

Altering between strong cycles to milder cycles is not a wise choice. The period between cycles is meant to be a time where your organs can rest and recover. Constant use will reduce HDL and increase LDL (the bad cholesterol), aside from this your chances of cardiovascular disease go up the longer you remain on the drug. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

anavar before and after photo

The Recommended Anavar PCT

There are many alternatives to using non anabolic steroids as part of a PCT regimen. Many professional bodybuilders engage in using X-Factor and Creatine as a stack for 2 months as part of their PCT.

X-Factor which is Arachidonic acid should be dosed at 1000mg and Creatine at 5g after a cycle. This has worked wonders in helping athletes retain weight and provide enough recovery time for their body until the next cycle.

Although IGF-1 or human growth hormone (HGH) is not found in stores like GNC, it can be successfully used when winding off of Anavar.

Another two supplements we recommend are Fish oil which will balance your lipid profile and Milk Thistle which will bring your liver enzyme levels back to the normal range.

If you find that you are no longer able to keep up during training, stick to BCAA and Citrulline Malate to increase Nitric Oxide production for better training pre-workout.

The point of time off between cycles is to let your system cool off from the stress that anabolics may be causing and help you get back into natural state. If you are still interested in finding trying Anavar or looking for Anavar stacks with PCT, click below:

anavar post cycle therapy



Why Anavar is Perfect for Women

Anavar is for women, as Dianabol is for men. Women generally tend to supplement Anavar as the steroid of choice as it is much more effective for their biology.

Anavar is considered to be the official steroid for female athletes in some circles. It is this popularity that make it the most popular steroid for women with the least side effects. Click here to buy the Anavar in its legal form online, without the need of a prescription.

Why Anavar is for Women

Many steroids are can be detrimental to a woman’s body because of the strong side effects they may cause.

The common side effects from steroid supplementation in women is quite the obvious one, which is the development of male features.

These side effects could ruin a woman’s appearance. That is why, unlike other steroids in the market, anavar remains to be the most popular choice as it remains to be a mild hormone with relatively low side effects.

The occurrence of virilization when used by women is very low and that is why it is recommended by many. Here are the things that anavar does when you cycle it:

You can expect to put on muscle, but not bulky muscle, but lean muscle that will make you grow strong. Make sure not to overdo it and stick to the right regimen and to take the right dose.

When followed correctly, you can expect to have a lean physique. Anavar is generally used by women for cutting and during weight loss.

Before and After Results for Females

Like any steroid, anavar will help you retain lean muscle tissue when on a diet. It also helps to keep you strong when you are shedding excess fat.

Generally after a bulking cycle, in the cutting phase, a big chunk of gains are also lost. To retain these gains while shedding fat, you can supplement Oxandrolone (or Anavar) and keep more muscle mass.

This also helps with another task, which is muscle increases your metabolism and causes you to burn fat, which in turn will get you in shape even faster.

Depending on your diet you may get a lean and fit physique in a matter of 6 weeks during the cutting phase with the help of Oxandrolone.

Diet tends to matter less when on this steroid, however it is advisable not to eat junk while on the cutting phase even though you have the support of this anabolic steroid.

You can learn more about the best stacks to cut with by clicking the image below:

Anavar For Women Reviews by Others

The main reason women start cycling anavar is to gain lean muscle. The effects work best for women and not men because it is one of the milder steroids.

Men generally tend to go for Dianabol or similar steroids to get the same results as women do from this drug. It is not impossible, men could supplement a bigger dose however it may not be as cost effective as perhaps taking another drug.

Women can be more sensitive to changes in hormones and thus a lower dose, less potent anabolic like Anavar works wonders in packing on lean muscle mass.

Women gain much more per mg of Anavar than men. During the dieting phase it is good to supplement it as it will help you retain your gains.

As women generally struggle to lose body fat much more than men Anavar proves to be excellent when in the off season you need to lose subcutaneous fat. It helps you keep harder looking muscle and keep your gains while burning off fat during fasting

Anavar is mild, has a good safety record, and provides athletes with a more muscular tone which is good not just for bodybuilding but more other sports or general health as well.

Anavar Cycling and Dosages for Women

There are many cycles and stacks you can attempt with Anavar. It is advisable that you start with a minimal amount of steroids with a low dose to see how your body reacts and to continue from there.

Sometimes Anavar in and of itself is enough and there is no need to stack other supplements or hormones with it.

A cycle for a young lady would look like the below:

Week Anavar Clen PCT
1 10mg/day 20mcg
2 10mg/day 40mcg
3 10mg/day 40mcg
4 10mg/day 60mcg
5 10mg/day 60mcg 10mg
6 10mg/day 80mcg 10mg
7 10mg/day 80mcg 10mg
8 10mg/day 100mcg 10mg

Some options for PCT could be the drug nolvadex which will help with side effects if any. Some things to note: You need to eat a lot more to help your body build muscle, that means eating many more calories.

You may additionally add HGH to supplement this stack at a dose of 1 to 2 iu daily which will help with gains.

Optimal Cycle Length

Many women opt to go for a mild dose of 10mg a day which is more than sufficient for maintaining and building lean muscle mass.

Few women go over the daily recommended dosage at 20mg which is generally not well tolerated by many but if you are a bigger women it may be ideal for you.

Start at 10mg and work your way up if you do not see results after 2 weeks of cycling. There is no point in risking it and doing a “loading dose”.

If you start to notice any side effects we recommend that you stop supplementing it immediately. You may need to start PCT right away, or consult a doctor. Generally if the recommended dose is followed you shouldn’t have any problems.

Anavar Side Effects in Women

Though side effects are rare on anavar when proper PCT and cycling is undertaken, they do occur as they would with any androgenic steroids.

Many times a side effect is listed but it does not mean it will necessarily occur in you as everyone’s biology is different.

The main things to keep in mind is, follow the optimal dosage, make sure the drug is real, and that you stop use if there is any discomfort. The most common side effect is virilization which is the appearance of male sex organs and body hair.

Make sure not to go for extended lengths of time when supplementing anavar and that you take weeks off between your cycles.

When followed correctly you can cut unlike ever before, check out this before and after photo of Sheena below:

Stacking Anavar for Women

The purpose of stacking anavar with other anabolics is to increase the efficacy of Anavar and to mitigate any side effects.

Wondering what the best supplements or steroids may work wonders with Anavar? Many others tend to add other anabolics in their bulking phase, but this is mostly for men.

Generally men will benefit greatly with this when cutting to maintain lean body mass, or females it is good overall for building and cutting muscle depending on dosage.

Many women chose to keep anavar as the only steroid that they need, or have ever used. It is typically also one of the first steroids women use before learning about other anabolics and starting to build their own stack.


Our Final Word

Give Anavar a shot if you haven’t if you are a women looking for lean muscle mass for bulking or cutting. If you are a guy it will work great in the cutting phase for you as well. Consider stacking it Clenbuterol and Winstrol if you are starting a new cycle for maximizing your gains. You may use our links above to find legal sources to obtain these.



How To Take Anavar Cycle to Obtain Results Fast

Anavar is legal in a handful of countries, in the rest it is not, but in those that it is legal in, users have had tremendous amounts of success safely cycling it. We will discuss the right ways in which you can cycle anavar and which steroids should be stacked together for optimal results.

Anavar is essentially the hormone Oxadrolone and it is thought to be one of the safer choices among other anabolics. It is considered mild yet potent with minor side effects (if any), which is what makes it such a powerful choice among many bodybuilders for men and women both.

Generally women are limited in their options for anabolics due to their physical body differences. Oxandrolone is one of the most popular choices for women and can be purchased legally online without any sort of prescription right here.

Anavar Cycles

Anavar is often referred in circles as the “steroid for women” as it remains to be the most effective anabolic for women.

Men too have a lot to gain from supplementing and starting a Anavar cycle, but the real benefits arises for women.

This is generally because it is safe to use, and is generally always in high demand, this means the price and cost of this steroid is a bit more costly but you are paying for the safety profile.

Generally a 10mg pill will set you as much as $2 when it comes to other steroids, this one however will cost you about $4 a pop.

This amount of funds can add up for men as they generally need much larger doses of hormones to get the effect they seek in terms of physical physique.

The cost itself should not make you hesitate in terms of buying this anabolic as safety is what should always be the underlying factor for you.

Additionally if you look for this hormone online there are many counterfeit Anavar producers online and it may be hard to find the real deal, so even when you may be willing to shell out more, it is important to buy Oxandrolone from the right source.


The Results of a Anavar Cycle and Dosage

Anavar is great for men that seek to start the cutting phase of their routine. Women need to be careful when supplementing this hormone as it can be very powerful. For men, there are other alternatives we will explore for bulking up unless you want to take high doses to see results.

Luckily this steroid does not aromatize, which means turning testosterone into estrogen. If you are a man and looking for a substitute to use during a cutting-only cycle this is a perfect tool. The hormone is great for generally preserving lean muscle and helping you recover quickly after a stressful workout.

It may also increase the overall metabolic activity which helps to look cut or ‘ripped’ while not necessarily being big and bulky. Oxandrolone cycle works best if stacked with Trenbolone and even Winstrol.

To Learn more about how to cycle this or if you want a chart to guide you click below to get a “Cutting Cycle Dosage Schedule” for free.

Anavar Cycle Length

Most men that take this anabolic do so in the range of about 50mg to 80mg daily and note that it works wonders for their physique.

Some men decide that more is merrier and take upwards of 100 mg/daily but do not notice any more major gains. The only thing one would be doing at that point is burning money as you will likely start to see diminishing returns.

Generally you should be ready to take this for a 6 to 8 week cycle near the end of any cutting cycle.


Beginning Anavar Cycle for Females

Anavar is more justified to be used by women as an anabolic. Women generally have the issue of virilization which is not something they want to experience in terms of losing their feminine side.

The good part of using anavar is that these effects are lessened much more as opposed to other androgenic steroids. Oxandrolone results have shown that it is a more capable steroid for women.

However if you do start to notice any symptoms the obvious choice is to discontinue use immediately, and then you will see symptoms to go away. If not, seek a medical professional right away.

These side effects do not occur if you understand how to use hormones responsibly and adhere to the regimen in terms of dosage properly.

Generally you will notice an amazing figure and look strong and cut then ever before. For ladies there really is no substitute for a anavar cycle for bulking or cutting.

You will notice that your strength and stamina have increased as well after the cycle and thus this steroid is not good just for bodybuilding but for overall athletic uses.

Results of Users on a Anavar Cycle

Many times when you wonder how women are able to get lean and cut without the bulky mass, it is because of a Anavar cycle. This is what makes them look fit and not just skinny in bikinis or competitions.

To begin a cycle women need to make sure they can handle hormones and that a 10 mg dose is manageable by them, after which they can move up to 20mg if needed — though it is rare to go above 10.

6 weeks is plenty of time for women to see if they can tolerate anavar. Generally if you will remain on Anavar for long term, you must take a 4 weeks break in the middle. Remember less can be more and to try one 6 week cycle first to determine if it is enough or not and for most, it generally is!

In summary, there are a few other cutting steroids that you may try to see if they work better or to learn more, these are (in order):

  1. Clenbuterol
  2. Winstrol
  3. Trenbolone
  4. Deca Durabolin
  5. Dianabol or Dbol
  6. Anadrol

You may click on any of them to explore more, however we still recommend Anavar as one of the top choices for your first cycle.


Should You Supplement Iodine?

Why You Never Hear About it

According to many doctors if they had to settle on just one supplement, in their eyes it would be Iodine. It’s a strange one, it could be obtained from food, it is not common (unlike Vitamin C), so what is it about this natural item?

The reason many people have never really heard about supplementing it much is because it is grossly misunderstood and amazingly underestimated. It also comes with two strong (false) beliefs, which include: we get enough of it from salt and the second being it can worsen thyroid. I would like to state that it is because of these myths as we can call them, there is a low amount of regimens or stacks out there that utilize this ingredient.

Treatments with Iodine

Firstly it is used to treat goiter, which is a swelling of the thyroid. Secondly a bit unrelated is that without iodine, especially in the West, the fluoride in our water can cause calcification of our pineal gland, which is responsible for regulating our sleep cycle through the production of Serotonin which gets turned into Melatonin.

To prevent calcification, iodine supplementation works great, additionally, it is thought that in Europe 30% of the people have this issue, and in North America it is as high as 80% and miraculously it could be as low as 15% in Asian countries.

Start using a vitamin tracker to make sure you are not going over the daily limit.

Daily RDA For Iodine

Secondly the amount added to salt at 100ppm as potassium iodide amounts to 77ug iodide/gm of salt, where the rda is 150ug/day. RDA is in place to prevent goiter. However generally based on the amount of salt consumed by people daily, we could be at 4x the amount that is required.

But, most of this iodine is not bioavailable, a common problem with many supplements we buy as well. It also turns out that because of media, less than 50% of the US households actually even use salt.
The third issue is that there is almost a inverse correlation to Graves disease, thyroid cancer and hashimoto’s as the US consumption of Iodine decreases.

Here’s the really interesting part in the 1970s the US dough in breads switched from using iodine to bromine, which is a known carcinogenic to the breast and promotes the formation of goiter in the thyroid. However iodine has anti cancer properties, and has many other anti cancer effects in different tissues in the body.

Cognition with Iodine Supplementation

Worst of all iodine and bromine compete with each other, meaning the receptors that are suppose to bind to iodine now bind to bromine. Bromine’s toxicity extends to delirium, brain retardation, hallucinations and schizophrenia among other things. For this we recommend a separate supplement called Nootrocube, known to bring back a ‘devitalized’ brain back into action.

The Final Word

What to do going forward, first we want you to get tested for iodine, and it will be a urine analysis. Secondly use supplements that contain iodide and iodine. A brand we have suggested in the past is Lugol which has 6.25mg per drop. An average dosage for pill form would include 50mg/day and of course if you are deficient, move it up accordingly. Though the ATA recommends anything above 1,100 mcg per day is hitting the upper limit so you should lower it or try potassium iodine at 400 micrograms a day.

Further Reading: